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Transgender Identity Affirmation and Mental Health

Do You Know a Crossdresser?

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A Significant Other View

Melanie Yarborough Transgender Articles

Frequently Asked Questions

Couple's Therapy When The Male Partner Crossdresses

Some Internet Links That May Be of Interest to Crossdressers

Articles of interest for the Crossdresser

Coming Out Letter

I've Got a Secret

Telling Your Wife

Why would a man want to crossdress?

Will They Still Love Me After I Tell Them?

Talking With Your Children About Gender Identity Issues

Perspective: Children and Crossdressing

How to Tell Your Wife: A Manual for Love

Articles of interest for the Partner

Why Can't You Accept

Helping wives of crossdressers to understand and cope

A wife's response

Page for Wives, Girlfriends & Families

Wives Levels of CD Acceptance

Crossdressing - Page for Their Wives & Girlfriends

Fun in a Transgendered Relationship?